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Pimienta Films


Established in Mexico City, Pimienta Films was founded in 2008 by Nicolás and Sebastián Celis as an independent production company. Its primary activity is the production of feature films, both fiction and documentaries, that portray their author’s artistic perspective.

Over the years, the company’s main objective has been to build solid partnerships with production companies in Mexico, the United States, Latin America and Europe. These relationships have developed into co-productions and joint ventures that have broadened distribution horizons, reached new markets and increased sales. In 2014 PIMIENTA FILMS was listed as one of the top three film production companies in Mexico, by the prestigious magazine VARIETY.

Pimienta’s projects have been acclaimed by critics and welcomed by national and international audiences because of their artistic quality and unique vision. The production company has worked with recognized directors such as Alfonso Cuarón, Amat Escalante, Ciro Guerra, Jonás Cuarón, Tatiana Huezo, Elisa Miller, James Franco and Rafi Pitts, among others, while also gaining a reputation for promoting new national talent.


Nicolás Celis, founder of Pimienta Films, is a Mexican producer who has gained a reputation for working on original projects of high artistic content and powerful impact. His production company, Pimienta Films, was named one of the three best production houses in Mexico by the magazine Variety. Furthermore, in 2017 Nicolás appeared in the Hollywood Reporter as talent to watch.

Among his early projects is the drama-horror feature film We Are What We Are, which competed for the Cámera d’Or in the Cannes Film Festival. Two shorts by Elisa Miller Watching It Rain (Palme d’Or winner for best short film) and Roma, also participated in the Cannes Film Festival. Additionally, Amat Escalante, director of Heli, took the prize for best direction in Cannes Film Festival in 2013.

Among Nicolás’ recent projects is Jonás Cuarón’s Desierto which won the FIPRESCI prize at the Toronto International Film Festival. In 2016, Soy Nero, by Iranian director Rafi Pitts, had its premiere at the Berlinale alongside Tatiana Huezo’s documentary, Tempestad, which won a special mention for the Caligari prize. Tempestad was nominated for best Ibero-american film in 2018 for the Goya Awards in Spain and has participated in over 100 international festivals. Additionally, the new feature film by Amat Escalante, The Untamed, had its premiere at the Venice Biennial 2016, winning the prize for best direction.

In 2018 the Mexican co-production Birds of Passage, directed by Oscar-nominee Ciro Guerra and Cristina Gallego, was selected to open the Directors Fortnight at Cannes 2018. Most recently, Alfonso Cuarón’s new film, Roma premiered at the Venice Film Festival, where it secured the Golden Lion for Best Film. Currently, Nicolás is developing Tatiana Huezo´s new fiction film, Night of Fire.

Nicolás has also dedicated himself to supporting the new generations of producers by giving workshops and master classes in academic and cultural contexts in Mexico and abroad. He has also participated in meetings and workshops like ACE Mundus, EAVE Puentes, Producer’s Network and Torino FilmLab, among others.

Meet the team

Pimienta Films

JIM is an independent American producer who has been involved in writing, developing, financing, producing, selling, distributing and marketing of low budget fiction and documentary feature films since 1983. His films have won numerous prizes and been selected to premiere in such major festivals. Some of his projects are, Jim Jarmusch’s Stranger Than Paradise, Night on Earth, Mystery Train, Down by Law and two short Coffee and Cigarettes films, Alex Rockwell’s In the Soup, Gregg Araki’s The Living Dead, among others. He has been involved in producing a number of Mexican fiction features including Alejandra Márquez’s Semana Santa, Andres Clariond’s Hilda, Amat Escalante’s The Untamed and Tatiana Huezo’s multiple prize winning documentary Tempestad.



Maya began working at Pimienta Films in 2016. She has collaborated on documentaries, Tempestad by Tatiana Huezo, To Die in the Desert, by Marta Ferrer and My Brother, by Alana Simões as well as on the acclaimed Birds of Passage by Cristina Gallego & Ciro Guerra, which opened the Director’s Fortnight at Cannes. She served as production executive for Pimienta Films on Alfonso Cuarón’s Roma, which won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival. Currently she is working on Tatiana Huezo’s new film, Noche de Fuego.

Maya Scherr-Willson

Executive producer

With training as an economist from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. He joined the national film industry in 2014, working continuously and from a very young age in the production of several feature films and television series.
He has recently expanded his participation in the industry by coordinating the distribution of the ROMA film by Alfonso Cuarón, for cinemas in Mexico and other Latin American countries; as well as other national titles in independent circuits. He is currently working on the development of production and distribution projects at Pimienta Films.

Rodrigo Macín

Executive in Charge of Production

She graduated from the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí, worked for 4 years in different administrative areas within the public service as private secretary of the pensions sub-directorate in the ISSSTE, and later as head of the children's home.
In addition, she has coordinated quality systems in the ISO 9000 standard for different institutions. Currently, Sandra is personal assistant of Nicolás Celis and supports the future film projects of Pimienta Films.

Sandra Govea Soler

Personal Assistant of Nicolás Celis

After graduating, Alejandra moved to England where she worked for five years. After returning to Mexico, she started working at Pimienta Films. She has collaborated on films such as the acclaimed Birds of Passage directed by Cristina Gallego and Ciro Guerra, which opened the Director’s Fortnight at Cannes, and the documentary A Place Called Music, director Enrique M. Rizo’s film debut. She worked as a Production Executive for Esperanto Filmoj on Alfonso Cuarón’s celebrated new film, Roma, which won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival. She is also working on Tatiana Huezo’s new project, Noche de Fuego.

Alejandra A. García

Production Coordinator

After pursuing a dregree in Digital Cinema and Post-Production at SAE Institute, Luciana graduated as a film director. Her first short film was "Where Water Flows" which was premiered at the Morelia International Film Festival 2018. Luciana has also focused on photography and film production. She is currently working on Tatiana Huezo's new project, "Noche de Fuego".

Luciana Herrera Caso

Executive Production Assistant

Miguel Ignacio is a young Venezuelan filmmaker. He obtained a degree in Film Studies from King’s College London and has since exercised an eclectic range of capabilities in the film industry, whether in production, distribution or exhibition. He has worked as a production assistant on Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity and Roma, and simultaneously works as a free lance photographer.



Graduated from the University of the Americas Puebla with a degree in Communication and media production. She has worked in the production area for commercial and launch campaigns of different brands and marketing agencies. Anabel has worked as a production assistant, in the entertainment and merchandising area. She is currently working on Tatiana Huezo' s new project, "Noche de fuego".


Coordination Assistant

Graduated in Social Communication and Journalism, and Regular Course of the EICTV, International School of Film and TV of San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba, in Production speciality. She has been a producer and manager at several film festivals, including DOCSMX and the Trieste Latin American Film Festival.
She directed the Industry Sector of the International Festival of the New Latin American Cinema in Havana, by being part of the Board Directors for several years.
She has worked in the production, art coordination and art direction of long and short fiction films, documentaries, video clips, and commercials. Art Coordinator on Alfonso Cuaron's Roma, and Souvenir, opera prima premiered at the Guadalajara International Film Festival. She is currently working on Tatiana Huezo`s new project, "Noche de Fuego".

Marcela Arenas Rosas


She studied Latin American Literature in Mexico City.
She writes poetry and short stories. María Elisa has collaborated with cultural magazines such as Algarabía and she has mostly worked on the editorial sector as a style corrector.
In 2016 she took a script-writing course with Beatriz Novaro. Since then she has tried to establish a connection between literature and cinema.

María Elisa Schmidt

Production Assitant

Graduated from a degree in Communication (specialized in film) by the Ibero-American University in Mexico City.
After working in the radio, television and advertising worlds, in 2017 he became one of the co-founders of the production company Memento Mori Films; where he produced 3 short films: Guiltless (official selection in the FICM, the GIFF, Shorts Mexico and nominated to the Ariel Award, among others), B-167-980-098 (official selection in the LA Shorts International Film Festival, the FICM, the GIFF and also nominated to the Ariel Award, among others) and Zero Hour (official selection in the FICM). He is also the producer of Tribu, a documentary mini-series from Vice Media that was nominated for 2 Effie Awards."

Federico Fábregas

Executive Assistant to Nicolás Celis

Graduated from the Technological University of Mexico in the Bachelor of Communication Sciences, she began as a reporter for the Fuerza Informativa Azteca, subsequently, she joined as an contributor to the entertainment magazine directed by Susana Moscatel.
For five years she worked as a reporter for the music and film source in the newspaper Excelsior.
In 2014 she collaborated in the direction of Press and Public Relations of the agency Talent on the road.
He is currently in charge of the Pimienta Films Public Relations area.

Jovana Guerrero

Public Relations


Yalitza Aparicio

Nancy García


Pimienta Films
Holy Beasts

Director: Laura Amelia Guzmán & Israel Cárdenas.
Produced by: Gabriel Tineo, Rafael Elías Muñoz, Laura Amelia Guzmán, Israel Cárdenas, Benjamín Domenech, Santiago Gallelli, Matías Roveda, Nicolás Celis, Sandino Saravia Vinay.
Production Companies:Aurora Dominicana /Lantica Media / Batú Films / Rei Cine / Pimienta Films.
Country: Dominican Republic, Argentina, Mexico.
Year: 2019

Official Selection - Bildrausch filmfest Basel.
Official Selection - Shanghai International Film Festival.
Mi hermano

Alana Simoes.
Produced by:
Nicolás Celis / Alejandro Durán / Alana Simones.
Production Companies:Cinematrópodos / Gavilán Cine / Pimienta Films.
Country: Mexico.

Official Selection- Maine international film festival.
Official Selection- Guadalajara international Film Festival
Official Selection- Valladolid International film festival.

Director: Alfonso Cuarón
Produced by: Alfonso Cuarón / Gabriela Rodriguez / Nicolás Celis
Production Companies: Espactáculos Fílmicos El Coyul
Country: Mexico
Year: 2018

- Best Foreign Language Film of the Year, Best Achievement in Directing and Best Achievement in Cinematography. Academy Awards Golden Lion. Venice Film Festival
Best Film, Best Film Not in the English Language and Best Cinematography. BAFTA Awards
Best Direction and Best Motion Picture. Golden Globes.
Bronze Frog. Camerimage
Best Iberoamerican Film. Goya Awards
Best Film, Best Director and Best Cinematographer. New York Film Critics Circle Awards
Best Picture, Best Direction, Best Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen, Best Cinematography, Best Supporting Actress,Best Art Direction, Best Special Effects, Best Visual Effects, Best Editing and Best Sound. Ariel Awards.
Film with more than 150 awards around the world.

Birds of Passage

Director: Ciro Guerra & Cristina Gallego.
Produced by: Cristina Gallegos & Katrin Pors.
Production Companies: Ciudad Lunar Producciones / Blond Indian Films / Pimienta Films.
Country: Colombia / Mexico / Denmark / France
Year: 2018

- Quinzaine des Réalisateurs - Festival de Cine de Cannes
- Best Script and Golden Pyramid Award Nominations. Cairo International Film Festival.
Best Art Direction and Best Cinematography. Chicago International Film Festival
Best Film. Havana Film Festival
Special Jury Award - Film Festival of Lima
Best Music, Best actress and Best Film. Fenix Film Awards
Audience AwardBest Film. Los Cabos International Film Festival
Audience Award Luxembourg City Film Festival
Don Quixote Award.Tromsø International Film Festival
Best Iberoamerican Film - Ariel Awards

To Die in the Desert

Director: Marta Ferrer
Produced by: Nicolás Celis / Sebastián Celis / Alejandro Durán / Marta Ferrer / Emiliano Altuna / Carlos Rossini / Daniel Gruener.
Production Companies: FOPROCINE / Marta Ferrer / Bambú Audiovisual / Cuadernos de Cine / Pimienta Films / Cinemateli / Gavilán Cine.
Country: Mexico
Year: 2017

Art Kingdom Award - Los Cabos International Film Festival: Best documentary - Cinelatino Rencontres de Toulouse, France

The Untamed

Director: Amat Escalante
Produced by:
Jaime Romandía
Executive producer:
Nicolás Celis
Production Companies: Mantarraya Producciones / Adomeit Film / Bord Cadre Films / Le Pacte / Match Factory Productions / Mer Films
Country: Mexico/ Denmark/ France/ Germany/ Norway/ Switzerland

Silver Lion Award - Venice International Film Festival
Best Director and Best Film Editing - Ariel Awards
6 nominations - Fénix Awards
Best Director - Austin Fantastic Fest
Official Selection. Toronto International Film Festival.


Tatiana Huezo
Produced by:
Nicolás Celis / Sebastián Celis
Production Companies:
Pimienta Films / Terminal / Cactus Film & Video
Country: Mexico
Year: 2016

Golden Frog Award, Camerimage, Poland
Tim Hethetington Award, Sheffield Doc Fest
Best Documentary, Lima Film Festival
Best Documentary, Sofia Film Festival
ARRI AMIRA Award, DOC.Fest Munich
Special Mention Best Documentary, Habana Film Festival
Audience Award, Morelia Film Festival
Best Documentary, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Sound – Ariel Awards
Best Documentary Nomination– Emmy Awards
Best Latin-American Feature Film – Goya Awards

Soy Nero

Rafi Pitts
Produced by:
Martin Hampel / Thanassis Karathanos / Rita Daghe
Production Companies:
Pimienta Films / Senorita Films / Twenty Twenty Vision Filmproduktion
Country: . Mexico/ Germany/ France
Year: 2016

Best Feauture Film – Bucharest International Film Festival
Golden Bear Nomination – Berlin International Film Festival


Yulene Olaizola / Rubén Imaz
Produced by:
Pablo Zimbrón Alva / Yulene Olaizola / Rubén Imaz
Production Companies:
Malacosa Cine / Varios Lobos / Una Comunión / Zamora Films / Zoología Fantástica / Pimienta Films.
Country: . Mexico
Year: 2016

TV UNAM Selection Award – FICUNAM
Best Costume Design Nomination – Ariel Awards


Jonás Cuarón
Produced by:
Alfonso Cuarón / Carlos Cuarón / Jonás Cuarón / Alex García / Charles Gillibert
Executive producer:
Nicolás Celis
Production Companies: Esperanto Kino / Orange Studio / CG Cinema / Itaca Films.
Country: Mexico
Year: 2015

Best Feature Film Nomination – Ariel Awards
Best Foreign Language Film Nomination – Phoenix Films Critics Society Awards
FIPRESCI Award – Toronto International Film Festival

All of me

Arturo González Villaseñor
Produced by:
Indira Cato
Production Companies: Acanto Films / Pimienta Films / UAM Xochimilco
Country: Mexico
Year: 2015

Official Selection – International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam

Semana Santa

Alejandra Márquez Villaseñor
Produced by:
Nicolás Celis / Sebastián Celis / Andrés Clariond
Production Companies: Pimienta Films / Lado B Films / Cinematográfica CR / Itaca Films / Terminal
Country: Mexico
Year: 2015

Official Selection – Los Cabos International Film Festival Mexico Primero FOX + Award - Los Cabos International Film Festival


Andrés Clariond
Produced by:
Nicolás Celis / Andrés Clariond / Gabriel Nuncio
Production Companies: Cinematográfica CR / Pimienta Films / EFD
Country: Mexico
Year: 2015

Special Mention Best Director – Monterrey Internactional Film Festival


Amat Escalante
Produced by:
Jaime Romandía
Line producer: Nicolás Celis
Production Companies: Mantarraya / 3 Tunas / Le pacte
Country: Mexico
Year: 2013

Silver Frog – Camerimage, Polonia
Official Selection – Cannes Film Festival
Best Director – Cannes Film Festival
Best Feature Film – Havana Film Festival
Best Feature Film – Munich Film Festival
Best Feature Film – Montreal Film Festival
Best Director – Ariel Awards

The Tiniest Place

Tatiana Huezo
Produced by:
Nicolás Celis
Production Companies: CCC / FOPROCINE
Country: Mexico
Year: 2011

Best Feature Film - Visions du Reel Festival
FIPRESCI Award - Mar del Plata International Film Festival
Best Feature Film – DOK Leipzig Festival, Germany
Best Feature Film – Cinema Eye Honors, New York
Best Documentary, Best Cinematography – DocsDF
Best Documentary – Lima Film Festival
Public’s Award – Madrid Film Festival

We are what we are

Jorge Michael Grau
Produced by:
Nicolás Celis
Production Companies: CCC / FOPROCINE
Country: Mexico
Year: 2010

Special Jury Award - Chicago Film Festival
Special Jury Award. Festival international du film fantastique d'Avoriaz
Nominations including Best Music and Best Special effects . Ariel Awads
CICAE and Golden Camera nominations. Cannes Film Festival
Free Spirit Award Nomination . Warsaw International Film Festival

Cold Water of the Sea

Paz Fábrega
Produced by:
Paz Fábrega / Jean des Forets
Production Companies: Temporal Films / Les Films du Requin / Tic Tac Prods / Issabella Films / Pimienta Films
Country: Mexico / Costa Rica / Spain / Holand / France
Year: 2010

Tiger Award, International - Film Festival Rotterdam
Special Jury Award - Film Festival of Lima
Nominated for the Grand Prix -Fribourg intenational film festival

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